fabliip.vcs package


fabliip.vcs.git module

fabliip.vcs.git.get_commit_messages(first_commit, last_commit)[source]

Returns all commit messages between first_commit and last_commit in an abbreviated form.


Return the commit identified by the current HEAD.

run_locally – Whether to get the latest local or remote HEAD (default True)
fabliip.vcs.git.get_latest_tag(commit='HEAD', run_locally=True)[source]

Return the latest reachable tag from the given commit.

Arguments: commit – The name of the commit to use (tag, hash, etc) (default HEAD) run_locally – Whether to get the latest local or remote tag (default True)

fabliip.vcs.git.push_tag(tag, remote='origin')[source]

Pushes the given tag to the given remote.


Fetches the latest git objects on the remote, checks out the given tag and updates the submodules if necessary.

Requires the repository_root environment variable to be set.

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